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Let us start with a small story!

This is a story by an author Mr. Arnold Lobel. There was a frog and froglet living in a home. The Froglet was so lazy that he was not doing his daily chores like folding clothes, washing the dishes, cleaning the reading table, cleaning the windows and watering the plants. Mommy Frog reminded the baby about these things frequently, but he was so lazy and scheduled everything for tomorrow. But he started to think, how can I complete so many works in one single day? Then he was worried and could not sleep for a while. Later, the froglet jumped out of bed thinking he might do some work today. Then he folded all his clothes. He was satisfied for no need of doing this work tomorrow! Then, he washed his dishes and was more satisfied that he completed one more work. Then he cleaned the reading desk and was more happy. Then cleaned windows and finally watered the plants. Hereby, he completed all his works one by one and then had a nice nap.

This story is simple. However, there is an important lesson for children here. This means a big task can be easily broken into small parts. Being tensed or worrying more will not help you in completing too much work. But if you divide it into smaller parts, everything looks simple and will be easy to learn. See the story again, froglet did the work one by one. He did not wash the dishes when he was folding clothes. He just washed the vessels and did not concentrate on other works. That means, it is important to concentrate on one big task and then concentrate on the smaller ones. This is the simple meaning of principles adopted at Tesla Education.

Kaizen approach

You might not have heard the word “Kaizen” before. This word is from Japanese language and it means “Little – Continuous – Improvement”.
The work which you assign for yourself must be small, it must be of continuous effort and it should attain progress in each small steps taken.

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Our Technique

We use Kaizen approach to teach Science, Maths and Problem Solving to the young Indian teens. It is a proven technique to administer knowledge in small, scientifically crafted and simple packets of educational material.


Author of NTSE, Olympiad, IIT JEE Text Books

Rohith Chakrathirtha

Rohith Chakrathirtha is a well known Kannada writer in Science and Maths topics. More than 20 books relating to these topics have been published in his name. He started his career journey training the students for competitive exams like IIT JEE and has mentored students for the national level Olympiad. He has written Maths textbooks on various levels such as NTSE, IIT JEE, Olympiad etc. He has participated in several workshops related to Maths and Science as a lecturer and as a resource person.

About Tesla Education

Tesla Education is a group of noble minded individuals working to bring freshness and innovation in the education. We have been working for the past 15 years in this field. Our team not only teaches the students of class 1-10th standard (State Syllabus, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE), PUC, 11-12th grade (CBSE), but also train and boost the students to attend the competitive exams like NTSE, IIT JEE and Olympiad . Our team is ably led by Mr. Rohith Chakrathirtha.


Founder - Tesla education

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